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Learn How to Play with the Score Against You

Almost 80% of the time, as an early entrepreneur, you will find yourself playing against the score. I love football, and often, I relate sports to entrepreneurial ideas. For the last 10 years, Real Madrid, a La Liga team from Spain, has dominated the UEFA Champions League tournament. There is an interesting pattern in how they manage to win many direct elimination games in the playoffs, often coming from an adverse score, and they frequently do it in the last minutes of the game.

The first few times this happened, everyone talked about luck, some blamed the referee and injustice. However, Real Madrid has been doing this for 10 years, winning five championships and possibly a sixth this season. So, to be objective, there must be something else that makes this club a consistent winner.

This pattern reveals an ability they have developed through history: playing against any odds. In business, particularly in the early stages of entrepreneurship, you will face adversities of all kinds. This is what I call playing against the score. These challenges can range from mental health issues to specific marketing strategies needed for a 20% growth in the next year.

Just as Real Madrid has learned how to play against the odds, you should too. If you understand this concept and learn how to implement it, you will become a better entrepreneur. Otherwise, you will not only struggle to create a successful business, but you will also endure unnecessary suffering.

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